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You’ve found us because you’re interested in diabetes . . . maybe you have diabetes and you’re under a doctor’s care, or maybe you have a family member or friend who’s just been diagnosed with diabetes. And so you want to learn more.

We offer you three short, information-packed publications in the ebook format. Eventually we’ll offer about a dozen short ebooks on diabetes, and we’ll bring out print versions as well.

Targeted, Helpful Information

There’s lots of information on diabetes on the web and in print, but far too much is outdated. Dedicated clinicians and researchers are working tirelessly to find better ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat diabetes; our ebooks bring you their findings as quickly as possible. You’ll find information that’s helpful and easy to understand—accurate, thorough, and timely; easy to read, to afford, and to buy.

Only $2.99 Each

You can order and read our ebooks right on your phone, Kindle, or other device—even as you enjoy your morning beverage at your favorite coffeehouse. At $2.99, you’ll spend less for each ebook than you do for your latte.

Visit Our Blog, Diabetes Resources, and Glossary

While you’re here at our website, please take a look at our blog posts. They bring you current happenings and new ideas about diabetes—its prevention, management, and possible cure.

In Diabetes Resources you’ll find brief postings to help you understand key concepts about diabetes.

For example:

—In our first ebook, Blood Glucose Levels and Diabetes Control, we talk about how several key hormones produced in the pancreas help control blood glucose levels. We wanted to include an illustration, because many of us learn more easily if we have visual tools.

But some ebook formats can’t accept a detailed illustration, so you’ll find the hormone figure— Hormones Produced in the Pancreas—on our website instead.

—In a fun section in Resources, Understanding Medical Terms, we show how you can piece together the meanings of words. It’s a lot more fun than memorizing terms. For example, we break down the word dyslipidemia to its syllables/meanings: dys—(abnormal)—lipid—(lipids, or fats)—emia—(blood)—giving us—“dyslipidemia means an abnormal amount of lipids (fats) in the blood.”

If you can’t quite remember what the word dyslipidemia means, the next time you see it, chances are you’ll remember how to figure it out, syllable by syllable.

While you’re here at our website, please check out our Glossary.

And thank you for visiting!

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